Action tells everything…

Are you contradicting in your saying and action?

Are your action same as your word?

Are your lifestyle inline with what you say?

“The most attractive thing a man can do is exactly what he says he’s going to do.”

It’s so easy to say and so hard to execute what you say.

Sometimes, people share with me that “I am an animal lover.”

Well! They are happily enjoying meat and always talk about how yummy are meat dishes.

How to put association and linkage on animal lovers vs meat-eater?

Where is the meat comes from?  Dead animals.

Where are the dead animals from? Slaughter house, killed animals and get “meat and fresh” from their dead body.

Animal lover: shining unconditional love, see no difference in animal friends.

Why an animal lover support slaughter animals for food?

Why an animal lover can endure how suffering that animals go through in the farm  from born until death?

“Action always prove why words mean nothing.”

I am a vegan because I just want to do more than just SAY I love animals!












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