How kind you are?

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” by Mahatma Ghandi

It’s also related to how we treat our animal friends to know how compassion and kind-hearted you are.

Are you shining unconditional loves to them?

Are you treating them equally the same as you treat your family members and friends?

Are you consider them as second class citizen? Your life is more superior than them.

I am sad when I heard one of my relative abandon her dog at home when she moved to city. She is not bother to help the dog to look for new family or someone who can take care the poor dog. What an irresponsible action! Our pet friend is not a toy. Please don’t abandon them. You are indirectly “Killing” them. It’s really hard for them to live as a stray/street animal again. If you leave them in shelter home, they might be euthanized if no one adopt them.

You are their whole world, treat them like your family members or your children.

However, I am touched when I heard a nice person come to feed and take care the dog daily.

They will love you more when you treat them well! They can sense kindness! All my cat friends run away in second when they see our neighbour. They can sense they are not welcomed. 

No need to shout how good you are, shine yourself by your kindness. One of the best way to know how kind you are through how good you treat our lovely animal friends. Action tells!



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