How do you spend your weekend?

Enjoy a new movie?

Go karaoke?

Play computer games?

Looking for best food?

Go spa?


Perhaps you can consider to take some time off to be with nature.

Look at the magnificent color and the beauty of nature.

You no need to pay a single cent, yet you enjoy the unconditional happiness in life!

How beautiful!

How beautiful!

Nature is the great painter! Amazing!

Nature is the great painter! Amazing!

How do you feel?

How do you feel?

The best color combination!

The best color combination! You must be at present, the same scenery will not be repeat again.

All photos by sis Coco Tan.

How great the nature treat us, they never ask for any return. I am always applying this important lesson in my daily life.

Unconditional giving without any expectation of return.

Do our best to give others in term of monetary donation, A simple smile, a listener ears, a kind compliment, good words, dhamma sharing, an ever-ready helping hand…

Never ever ask for return, even a simple of “Thank you” from others we should be let go too. Don’t be angry when people never say “thank you” for your kind action.

Remember that we are willing to give, nobody force us, just like nature.

Nothing we want in return!

“Those who give selflessly are blessed; those who do good deeds are happy.” Venerable Master Sheng Yen

May you be well and happy!



12 responses to “Nature…

  1. This makes me happy! I always feel refreshed and revitalised after a walk in the woods, my brain resets after seeing nothing but natural things — and my heart and soul are realigned. 🙂

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