a happy life…

Last few days, weather was so hot, a bright sunny day, not raining for a while. There was no moist in air, I experienced the heat wave in my house at night. Usually, my house is very cooling at night, I don’t switch on air-cond and occasionally only switch on fan for a while.

I was not sleep deep and being disturbed by mosquitos friends, perhaps they can’t stand the heat.

Finally, a very heavy downpour yesterday, the air was so cooling and refreshing. It washed away the heat. I slept deep in such a natural cooling condition.

Be gratitude to people ho planted the tree when you are enjoying the shade.

This morning, I woke up with a heart full of gratitude for such a gift from nature. It’s a blessing!!! Never take things for granted. Never assume everything is a must. Be gratitude, the best way to lead a happy life!!!



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