happy holiday….

How do you spend your holidays?

Are you immediately to run out from your house and kick-start your vacation in local or oversea?

Are you spending time with your family members, friends and fur friends?

Our lovely cat friends are looking forward for our holidays. They are extremely happy when we spend more time to play and accompany them. They are just like small kids.

So cute…

This morning, Sis & I spend time to play with our lovely cats in garden. Wang Wang boy was so excited, he ran so fast like a small leopard around our garden. I just mentioned to him, “Boy, you’ve long time never climb up a tree.” He seemed like understood and he climbed up a tree to show his little stunt man skills. Our lovely cats are our family members. We love them dearly!!!

Once you’ve adopted animal friends, you are responsible to take care of them until they pass away. Always remember to share your unconditional love with them beside feeding them. They are not a toy or 2nd class citizen, spend time with them and not to regret later.





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