No one is more Superior…

Give priority to get in touch with nature…

I love to do my morning yoga exercise on bare footed, touching the soil, directly contact with nature. I am grateful that I am staying in an area full of greens and so near to nature. I am still able to inhale fresh and chilling air, experience morning dew, bird singing happy tunes, the beautiful symphony from insects, frogs and others.

I am always hope that we can be awaken to preserve nature, buy house you need to stay, you don’t need to own 10 houses and make a huge profit. Always remember that forest need to be clear before any housing development. How many animal friends are losing their habitat, the only home? How many animal friends are dying in the process of forest clearance? How many trees are cutting down? How much imbalance we are bringing to nature?

I saw a photo on a little “Orang Utan” using his tiny body to stop a bulldozer with the hope to stop deforestation which destroying his only home, friends and all living beings in forest. My heart was bleeding, my eyes was full of tears, I vow to continue to write and sharing to awaken people’s heart to love our nature, live harmony and co-existence with all beings. We are ONE, unseparated!!! No-one is more superior!!!

A pure, loving kindness and compassion heart is the most beautiful gift to all beings in this beautiful world.




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