A “New” you…

We might alway heard people saying, “Practice makes perfect”. However, are you a practitioner on this saying? Most of us, we are losing patient and determination when doing something. Perhaps, we are paying utmost effort in doing something during the initial stage, if we don’t see any immediate results, we might give up and lost interest. We might even stop whatever we are doing and change to something new.

Without persistence, perseverance and strong determination, we are unable to achieve anything. Recently, I went to Chinese Chiropractor to treat minor issue on my hand, the master shared with me that my body was so flexible. I knew this was the result from yoga practice for the past 7 years. I can recall how inflexible was my body during the 1st yoga lesson, I was unable to balance my body and kept shaking. I remembered my yoga teacher shared with us, “No competition. Do your best and imagine if one day, you can improve stretching by 1 mm, in a long run, how much better you can do?” How truth!

Be determined, transformation will definitely happen and get ready for A New you!

“Your wings already exist. All you have to do is FLY.”





2 responses to “A “New” you…

  1. So many times i give up too early. It was only after a trip to india 4 years ago that i started to persevere and persist. I am now an accomplished swimmer, a master in philosophy and am prepared to try new things

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