No mud, no lotus

Our great teacher, lotus flower. So much to learn…

I love one of the quote, “No mud, No Lotus.”

How can we be like a lotus flower, so clean and pure? Growing in mud, utilising fertilisation in mud and yet not being contaminated by mud. It alway a great lesson to learn from lotus flower.

Think about it, we are living in this modern world, it’s so easy being influenced by negativity, materialistic, unwholesome thoughts and others. How can we not be influenced?

We must have strong faith in our believe, we must know how to differentiate what is right and wrong and keep walking our spiritual path with strong determination. Never ever let the unwholesome seeds to blossom. A great example, when you are hang out with a group friends who love drinking alcohol, smoking, gambling and others. It’s easy for you to pick up the same habit and you feel nothing wrong as others are doing the same. Why not I just follow? The bad influenced friends are giving confidence and encouragement for you to start bad habits.

I remembered one of the example shared with my friend that when he was studied abroad and he hang around with a group of overseas students. After he returned home, he was spoken special style of English . It’s really easy being influenced by others.

Lotus flower is our great reminder in life!




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