Letting go of “I”, “Me”, “Mine”…

We might experience from our own or even from friends that we are facing some challenges when working in a team, e.g. difference point of views, some team members alway look for easy way out by saying and not working, conflict believe, different way of execution and others.

How do you react?

Are you angry? Depressed? Angry? Tension?

What is the best remedy to work in a team?

Today, our teacher shared with us, the best way to work in a team, to eliminate “I”, “Me”, “Mine”. You are going to be the happiest team members.

Always remember that there is nothing belong to you. Whatever you are doing or contributing is for the best to the team. When you are too emphasised on “I”, “Me”, “mine”,  you are going to start a judgemental mind and to create your story of comparison. The more you compare, the more you are going to bring unhappiness in your life.

Most of your creation is based on imagination!!!

How insignificant we are? Why not letting go “I”, “Me” and “Mine”?

Letting go of , “I”, “Me” and “Mine”.







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