Miss Mimi: “Yeah, I am heal from Jaundice.”

Thank you very much for all your kind wishes. Finally, I am heal from jaundice… Love and big hug from Miss Mimi.

We are truly happy to share with you that Miss Mimi is fully heal and she is no longer need to take any medicine. She was really a brave girl, she went through so many times of blood test and non-stop medication. Well, Vet also praised her as she was so well-behaved when Vet took blood from her to do testing.

It was quite easy to feed medicine to Miss Mimi as she knew her sickness and in order to get heal, she took medicine. However, when she was almost heal, she was refused to continue to take medicine. Our lovely cat also listen to her body and know what is the best solution for her.

However, some of us, we are not mindful on the signal and symptom given by our precious body, we just ignore and continue to feed wrong food, poison food, over food without realisation. When we fall sick, we are going to start to blame instead of look deeply on our lifestyle, diet and exercise.

Be mindful on the measurement of food, are you eating the right portion? Are you overeat? Are you eating based on your body need or your senses want?

After eating your meal, you should feel comfortable and satisfied. If you are sleepy, drowsy, tired, restless and others symptoms, you might overeat. Be mindful on the right portion and not even waste a grain.


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