Why do we eat?

Why are you eating? What is good or bad food? What is food that bring less harm to your body and all beings? Let’s food be medicine!

Are you aware on what are you eating for breakfast, lunch, tea time, snacks, dinner, supper and others?

Have you ever asked yourself what is the primary purpose of eating?

To enjoy “good” food? To pamper your senses? A source of happiness to your life?

Why do we eat? Let’s contemplate!

To maintain our body. Without food, we are going to die. This is the most important vehicle to live a human life and also to walk our spiritual path.

As such, we must be mindful when eating, to know what are we eating, to know good and bad food. Always remember that you are responsible for your health. Pay attention to your body and not satisfy your tongue only. Most of us, we intend to satisfy our tongue which might only amounted 1% of our body and totally neglect 99% of our body need.

We end up eating junk food to satisfy our tongue and cravings, we are bringing tremendous damages to body without realisation especially when we are still healthy.

Our health is our greatest investment and not expense. Treasure and never blame when you are sick. You are how you eat your food. Practice mindful eating! Be gratitude and respect to the food you are consuming.






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