Let the flower blossom naturally…

Flower will blossom naturally.

Why do you feel frustration?

Have you ever look deeply to find an answer?

Its always happen when we set higher expectation and we fail to achieve. Moreover, when we put so much effort in doing something and end result is not coming as what we expect.

Why should we set expectation in doing something? Why not enjoy the process instead of only focusing at end result?

A profound teaching from Buddha, learn from farmer.

What are the roles of farmers? To prepare ground, get ready good seeds, fertilisers and watering. Let the plant to growth healthy and bear fruits naturally.

Do you think farmer can demand and talk to the plant that it must bear fruits?

Farmers will be diligently to put effort to take care his crops, when conditions are ready, flowers and fruits will come naturally. Nothing you can force.






2 responses to “Let the flower blossom naturally…

  1. “If you love a flower, don’t pick. For if you pick it up, it ceases to be. If you love a flower, let it be. Love is about appreciation. Love is not about possession.” Osho

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