New Year’s Eve…

Let's make good vows to built pure land here and now!

Let’s make good vows to build pure land here and now!

Time passed so fast, It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2015.

Have you ever reflected what have you done in 2015?

Have you start to make New Year Resolutions?

For the past few years, I’ve spent my New Year’s Eve to do repentance in monastery. It’s so important to repent for all our wrong doings and make a vow that we are not going to repeat again. To forgive ourselves, let go our burden and move on our life instead of keep carry the heavy guilt in our life. Your guilt can’t help you to go back to the past, to erase and change the situation. Your guilt will never give you peace of mind. Do note that when you are not in peace, you are going to affect not only yourself and also people surrounding you like your family members, friends, colleagues, children, animal friends and others.

Always remember to make vows which can benefit to all beings, “May I bring happiness to others.”, “May I bring peace and calm to my surrounding.” “May my action bring benefits to others.”

Let’s make good vows that can make this world a beautiful place to live for all beings!

May you be happy & well!

Happy New Year, 2016!







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