Happy New Year!

A new beginning of life!

A new beginning of life!

Happy New Year!

Everything starts anew again.

By looking at the plant, you can understand that there is alway a new beginning of life.

Let go the past and live at present moment. Live well now, you are going to live well in future.

Don’t ever let your burden to tie you up until you can’t breath properly.

Whenever you are facing any vexations in life, “Stop” and ask yourself “Who is the one who bring the vexations into your life?”

I love the profound teaching from Buddha, “If someone offer you this gift and you were to refuse then who would this gift belong to?”. Obviously, the gift is not belong to you but return back to the sender. As such, if you refuse to take in your vexations, no one can force you to accept.

Don’t complain and blame others for bringing vexations to your life. Why not train our mind be like security guard, whenever thought arisen, let’s “chop” it immediately. Why not make a vow that you are going to be more mindful in your life?

Enjoy peacefulness and lightness in life and shine it to your surrounding!

How wonderful!







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