The beauty of meditation

Calm water or turbulent water, all depend on you? It's your call!

Calm water or turbulent water, all depend on you? It’s your call!

During my recent meditation retreat, I didn’t suffered much from leg pain even though we need to sit for quite a long time. I am grateful to my daily meditation practice. My method is simple, just treat meditation like your tooth brushing daily. I am sure, most of us, after wake up in the morning, we are going to brush our tooth as it became our habit and also its hard to bear with bad odor in our mouth.

Even though, you can’t smell bad odor from your mind, however you can experience how peaceful and calm after your meditation practice session. Don’t be bothered so much whether you are having a good or bad session of meditation. No matter good or bad experience, it’ll be passed. Most important, be diligent and don’t give pressure and high expectation to yourself that you must achieve something through meditation. Basically, you can’t achieve anything. The more you practice meditation, the more you can let go, the more simple life you are going to appreciate, the happiness is flowing out from your heart, you are at ease, peace, serenity and also of course you can smile always as you are so contended and grateful in your life. Besides, you are going to share your peacefulness, happiness, serenity to your surrounding.

I always encourage people not to give any excuses for not practicing, like too busy, I can’t sit still, I can’t allocate any time…. Why not start with 10 mins meditation? I believe no matter how busy we are, we can take out 10 mins in our life to take care our mind. Most important, be diligent, discipline and practice daily. One of my colleague checked with me today, “Should I achieve “No Thoughts” in mind during meditation? My reply was most important to be aware on your thoughts arisen. Don’t link all your thoughts and become stories, movies or drama.

Why not stat your meditation practice?

Reward yourself with the blessed New Year Gift!




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