Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong- Part 1

How to get Fresh air in the “Concrete Jungle”? Sometimes, we might feel “Trap” in this Limited space! As such, Go and get in touch with Nature to expand a wider horizon in life.

I am sure, many of us have visited to Hong Kong.

Majority of the city surrounded by  high-rise building. A big Challenge to get fresh air in the city.

To enjoy greenery, beautiful beach and the nature.

I went to Cheung Chau island, about 40 mins ferry ride  from Central pier 5.

The transportation in Cheung Chau are

1. Bicycle

2.Trishaw (if somebody can give you a ride)

3. By Boat (Selected area)

I am so grateful as I can walk and I am doing Walking Meditation throughout the journey.

“The mind can go in a thousand Directions,

but on this beautiful path, I walk in peace,

With each step, a gentle wind blows.

With each Step, a flower blooms.”

By Thich Nhat Hanh

Let’s see the wonder of nature, Let’s treasure every moment of life as a gift.

Live at now! I am glad I am ALIVE!

You too, right?

Vegetables stall… So colorful!

One of the popular dessert in Hong Kong! Bring back our childhood memory…. NICE!

The impact of recent Typhoon Vicente.. A lot of trees fallen down. A great lesson to us that impermanence of life. Treasure every moment of life. Don’t delay our spiritual practice. We don’t know how long we can live.

Beautiful houses along the beach front….. Relaxing life!


We walked all the way to Cheung Po Tsai Cave under a superb hot sun and need to walk uphill. Thanks to our leg which we still can walk.

The beauty of nature!

The entrance of the Cheung Po Tsai cave…..

Take a deep breath to admire the beauty of greenery.

Beautiful sky, sea, greenery…. What else do you need? This is the miracle of life! Share your great love with all living beings. Change our life perspective to a broader, wider and BIGGER! Be Happy in any moment of your life!

A beautiful curly leaf…. Wonderful!

A hero- Boat came on time, we are too tired to walk anymore. Got in and drop off at the ferry. We continued our walking journey.

Blue sky and white cloud! Amazing!

Cheng Chau island is well known for seafood. We are so blessed that we still can enjoy our vegetarian food. No difficulties for a vegetarian to go for traveling. Yummy drink- mixture of coffee and tea!

Vegetarian curry fish ball! Creative dish!

Vegetarian fried rice…. So yummy & nice! Gratitude!

Double “Grille”- Really interesting! 

Pak Tai Temple, the oldest temple in Cheung Chau. So beautiful!

Dragon crafting on the roof of the temple! Amazing!


Beautiful mature tree! Giving shed to people in a sunny day!

Nice view, boats!

Thanks for following my journey……To be Continued……… Cheers!

9 responses to “Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong- Part 1

  1. May I know what is the name of the Vegetarian Restaurant where you had your food in the pics above?

    Thanks a lot!

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