Wetland Park- Hong kong

Whenever you go for traveling, how do you plan for your traveling schedule?

Pack every minute of your life

On the tourist attractions?

Rush to cover all travel attractions?

Busy taking photos?

Eat all the good food as recommended?

Buy souvenirs for everybody?

Sleep less- Wake up superb early and sleep superb late to “ENJOY” the moment?

How do you feel after your travelling?

More refreshing or more tired?

Live at the present moment, be mindfulness in every second of your life.
You shift your total paradigm.

Be relaxed when you go for travelling.

Practice Mindfulness, control the “Wild Monkey” in your mind, and don’t wander in past and future thought.

Control your “Greed in Mind” on the coverage of tourist attraction; don’t be angry if you unable to cover some of the popular places or eat some of the popular food buy some of the best souvenir…

I love the teaching from Thich Nhat Hanh, “I am here …….”, a powerful statement irrelevant wherever you are.

I’ve visited another green site in Hong Kong- Wetland park.

Need a lot of strong determination as weather was too hot, no moist in the air and not much shed in the wetland.

The scenery is stunningly beautiful, let’s start the journey of amazing nature!

Sign board- The Wetland Park

ginger flower….. So pure!

Vibrant red! Nice!

Our little friend- Butterfly is working hard to get food….

Water Shamrock


Coral plant- so beautiful! RED!

Act as Protection to river band…..

Beautiful little white flower!

Serenity! Total silence!

Strong determination to blossom!

Be mindfulness! Can you see the dragon fly?

Strong life force!

Farewell to our little injured butterfly… May she be relieved from suffering!

16 responses to “Wetland Park- Hong kong

  1. Nice photos. As to when I travel, eat like a local is my main rule. A lot easier on the environment, discover some great new foods, and even make friends, as the locals local at the foreigner grabbing a bite from the street vendor instead of a western chain, they usually ask how I like the food.

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