Avalokiteshvara Bodhisatvva (Kwan Yin)

“Imagine yourself in a place with a crystal clear river, nice greenery, fresh air, birds are singing happily, windy and you are actually roll a boat.

Half of the journey, you are no longer need to roll the boat, as the boat flow by itself. 

You are enjoying the great scenery, fresh air and gradually you fall to sleep.

Suddenly, you realized that the waterfall is just in front of you… and you can’t do much. Finally,  you fall into the waterfall. That’s the end of your life.”

How do you think about this scenario?

What do you learn?

Most of us, always assume that our life is so smooth and enjoyable. 

We don’t foresee any danger in front of us.. We are always thinking we can live for long and never prepare ourself to face the dying moment, just like the sharp fall into the waterfall.

Treasure the moment of spiritual practice, do not always think of another day.

Where are you for the another day?

There are challenges for us to learn and practice Buddhism, is just like swimming to the up-stream in order to attain enlightenment. Along the way, we are facing a lot of challenges, difficulties but with strong faith, understanding, diligently practice the teaching…. for sure, one day we’ll attain enlightenment.

Be patience and never give up!

This is what I learned from a Dharma Talk. True fact in life!

When I arrived in Cheung Chau, I looked at the map, I discovered that there is a Avalokiteshvara Bodhisatvva (Kwan Yin) Temple and 6th of Aug was the Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s enlightenment day.

I vowed that I must pay respect to the Bodhisatvva who is specialist in listening to loving-kindness and compassion.

I thought I can be easily to look for the way to get to the temple by following the signboard.

From ferry,We walked to the right end, arrived at “Cheung Po Tsai Cave”, later I walked to the left end, arrived at “Pak tai temple”. Under the hot sun, we walked for more than 2 hours, the skin like burning, non stop sweating, it’s so easy and convenience for us to give up on looking for the temple.

With strong determination, We kept walking for a while. We are able to reach to the Avalokiteshvara Bodhisatvva (Kwan Yin) Temple. This is a great lesson in life. Make a vow, and we’ll be on the right path. Be diligent until we achieve enlightenment!

The Journey………….

The right path to the destiny….. Beautiful Scenery!

Finally, we can see the temple… What a great relieve! With strong faith, we’ll attain enlightenment one day!

The entrance of the temple…..So cooling and peaceful!

Light up our journey, we are no longer to stay in darkness. Just like purification to our mind, from sleeping to AWAKE!

The temple…..Beautiful Chinese Architecture! 

My little friend outside the garden, happily enjoyed his lunch…. What a beautiful life! can you see him? Be Mindfulness!

Stone crafting, “Kwan Yin Old Temple”. Have Faith! Everything will be on the right path! 

May you be Happy and Well!

With metta.


8 responses to “Avalokiteshvara Bodhisatvva (Kwan Yin)

  1. Great lesson in life is to never give up – the last 10% of the path is the most difficult – but you did it! Beautiful photos!

  2. Love your post. I went to Hong Kong years ago and it was the happiest week of my life. :o) My heart aches to see pics, and my eyes are welling up! I have to continue to hope that one day I will return – relatively healthy and pain-free.
    God bless.

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