small action big impact…

We named the kitten as Mickey mouse, he looked like a rat and pretty active and playful. A wild guess from us, he is about half a year. He doesn’t like cat food so much. He loved “Human Food” like rice, fried noodles and left over food. He love to look for food at our kitchen waste container. We believed that this eating habit is related to how he survived through as kind people are feeding him.

Adopt me, please.

In order to impress and lobbying for us to help him, he was hyperactive. Always accompanied my mum at kitchen and never sleep during daytime. Now, he is gradually back to his nature as we are feeding him. He feel more secure and can sleep soundly.

Small action from us able to transform life for him. By looking at him, eating happily, sleep soundly and joyful playing, the biggest source of our happiness.

Always ready to shine loving kindness to all living beings. Your action is going to change their life.

Moreover, you are setting a great example to inspire your children and even animal friends.

Our cats are shining loving kindness to others.

Let’s the good energy flow.

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