New life…

We’ve rescued an injured stray ginger cat last month. His eyes was badly infected.

We brought him to Vet for treatment, he went through eyes operation and neutered.

We kept him in a cage at our house after he was discharged from Vet clinic.

He is a very well behaved cat, never make any big complain in cage.

We just need to feed him twice a day and help to settle his urine and stools.

He is a very fearful cat, not allowing us to touch or get close to him. This might related to his background as stray.

Being frightened or even abused by human or other stray cats.

We are taking good care of him until his full recovery. We can’t keep him in a cage forever.

We are trying to allow him to get out from cage, to familiarize with our house and decide what he wanted to do. Stay with us (We’ve other adopted cats at home) or stay in community ( we can feed him daily).

This morning he was so brave to run away from our house and wandering in backyard garden.

Freedom after more than a month.

Start a new life!!!

Shall wait and see whether he’ll be back to our house for food tonight.

Small action able to transform a stray’s life.

Let’s do it!!!

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