Keep reading…

Enjoy the beauty of reading!

How do you spend your time?

I love reading. It’s really great to absorb and learn from other’s precious experience that we can avoid so many unnecessary challenges in life. The best way to absorb knowledge is to pour out your full glass of water. When your glass is full, there is no way for you to learn.

Be open and never mention, “Yeah! I know!”. Be humble and continue to contemplate about lesson learn. Whatever we learn is not meant to benefit only ourselves, it bring benefit to other beings. Of course, you must be mindful in selecting your reading material. Never allow any information which is going to intoxicant your mind. Protect your precious clear mind.

I am practising mindfulness in whatever I am doing. There is nothing more beautiful than, be here and now.

Don’t waste your time on unproductive and unnecessary chatting. It’s totally waste of time and energy. After reading good content, kindly put into practice and walk the beautiful path.

Keep reading good content!

Shine your positive vibes!



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