sheep following…

Keep walking in the right path even though you are alone! Nothing to fear or worry!

Living in this mundane world, It’s so easy to lost ourselves, lost our believe and faith if we are easily to be influenced by others. It’s just like a heap of sheep who are keep following the flock even though in the wrong direction. We are so care about what people saying and by no choice we are following majority even though we are in the right direction.

It’s better to walk alone instead of follow a crowd who are walking in wrong direction. We must never bend the principles of what we are believing.

A good teaching to contemplate:

“They do not get carried away by superstition; they believe in deeds, aspiring to results from their own deeds through their own effort in a rational way; they are not excited by wildly rumored superstition, talismans or lucky charms; they do not aspire to results from praying for miracles.”
(From Anguttara Nikaya III 206, Pali Tipitaka)

Why worry? Keep walking in the right path! See things as it is!




3 responses to “sheep following…

  1. Thanks for sharing that part of the pali canon with us.

    Li Jiun, do you follow the Mahayana or the Theravadan path? It is just that you include many passages and quotes from the pali canon and i thought that mainly theravadan buddhists accept the authority of Buddha’s original sermons not necessarily the Mahayanans

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