Food Does Matter!!!

Miss Sisi stays with us for more than half a year. We can see clearly on her transformation. When she just came to our home, her hair was so rough and our cloth full of hair once we touch her. Of course, we can also spotted her hair in our house. We feed her with the one of the best cat food, Origen. Even though, we are paying higher price for cat food, however we can see great improvement on her.

Her hair is so smooth and hardly there is any hair lost. She looks so healthy! Of course, she is a pretty girl!

Her hair is so smooth and hardly there is any hair lost. She looks so healthy! Of course, she is a pretty girl!

Good food can transform our little princess. In just half a year, Miss Sisi look awesome with smooth hair.

Recently, we went for voluntary work and lunch was provided. We’ve followed macrobiotic way of living since April this year and the portion of (50% organic brown rice, 30% Assorted organic vegetables, 10% Beans & sea vegetables, 10% Seeds and nuts (5311) is our diet portion.  This portion of 5311 is helping us to do body detox daily. We felt much lighter and healthier. Our teacher keeps advise us to observe body changes after taking any type of food. Last 2 days, our vegetarian lunch box was consisted of white rice and oily fried vegetables.

I am practising to finish all food to show my deepest gratitude to nature for providing such a good meal to us. It’s seriously not easy to have a meal, we need a great support from nature and all beings. So, I finished my lunch box even though I knew white rice is full of sugar and bring harm to our body.

After lunch, immediately I found so sleepy and I just can’t stop myself to fall in sleep even though in sitting position. Usually, this will never happen when I take organic brown rice during lunch, I don’t feel sleepy at all.

If I don’t experience myself on the bad impact of the white rice, its hard to share with others. In life, we need to experience instead of just hear say only. Never broadcast hear say to others until you experience it. If not, you might mislead others.

I am glad that my body react quickly to the “bad food”, it give a great reminder to eat right food to sustain right energy, to build strong body and mind.

You are what you eat! This is the fact of life!

Experience by yourself!

Feel your body!




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