Are you rejoice for your kind action from others?

Are you giving your kind compliment when you see someone perform good deeds?

Some of us, we might be so “stingy” or hardly to open our mouth to give compliment and acknowledgement to others when they perform good deeds. Think about it, why not we rejoice the kind deeds from others? Why not we give our compliments to further encourage others to continuously to do good deeds? Perhaps, a kind words from us can plant and cultivate more good seeds.

Recently, I went to a shop to get some pastry molds, I saw a beautiful cat in the shop and he was sleeping.

So healthy and cute!

So healthy and cute! The shop owner tied him up as she was going to close the shop and worry he might wander outside. She love “Money Come” dearly!

This was my first time to visit the shop and I talked to the owner and give compliment   “How beautiful was her cat!”. She was so happy and shared with me that, the cat named “Money Come”. He was a stray cat and she adopted him. He was an adult cat and look so skinny. She was so worried that she can’t “communicate” with the adult cat. However, they get along so well. I rejoice for her kindness and give compliment. She smiled and I can sense her happiness.

Simple and sincere action, yet bring so much happiness!




4 responses to “rejoice…

    • Hi! You are right! However, Just for a short while before shop closing as the owner is worry about his safety if wandering out from her shop.

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