I’ve met a Bodhisattva…

Yesterday, Little Black was celebrating 3rd year birthday, the day he came to our home as our dearest family member. He was sick since young, he had fungal infection and on long time medication. Most of you might also heard how often we need to bring this little guy to visit Vet.

Last few days, Little Black had diarrhea again and he continuously coughing and sneezing and some minor wound on his toes. We thought he accidentally cut himself in garden. Even though, we wish he can recover by his own immune system. At last, we brought him to visit Vet to cure for his diarrhea and coughing as he was not healing.

There is a lot of things happen in life which totally difference from what you think or expect. Our Vet shared with us that he had the fungal infection again on his wound, perhaps from the cat bite a month plus ago or any other reason as such his wound can’t heal. Little Black need to restart his strong antibiotics treatment again, moreover the Vet found a few minor wound in his body which we never discover.

So blessed that we made a decision to bring him to the Vet, we are able to detect the disease early and start the treatment. Good or bad happen in life, who knows?

However, we are facing challenges to feed him as he only needed half soft capsule of medicine. When He was young, we mixed the medicine in his vitamin, and he is so smart now and refuse to eat the vitamin with added medicine.

So, My parent asked us to buy the empty capsule to repack the half portion of medicine. We went for several pharmacies and unable to buy it. As such, I went to the Traditional Chinese Herbs shop, I checked with the shop assistant on what I wanted to buy, she said, ” Sorry, we never sell any soft capsules.” However, I never give up and checked with the outlet manager and I shared how suffered was Little Black, the wounds are painful and we need the empty capsule urgently to start his medication to relieve his suffering. Without saying much, the outlet manager went to her storage and gave small quantity of empty capsule (Not for sale) to me to aid Little Black suffering.

I needed more quantity as Little Black might need longer meditation period, so I begged her to sell to me, she was really a compassionate people, she actually sold her own use empty capsule to me. I am so touched that we don’t need to spend time to look for Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva is always next to us.

May our little boy be well and happy! Our love is alway with you.

May our little boy be well and happy! Our love is alway with him.

I met one, I believe you too…Let’s us learn to be Bodhisattva to others too…



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