Be strong…

When we are facing challenges in life, then only we will know how deep is our spiritual practice and are we going to apply whatever we learn in our daily life. When everything going so well and smooth, you might think that you are doing excellence in your path.

Little Black has so many wound in his body as a result of fungal infection.

Little Black has so many wound in his body especially leg and hand as a result of fungal infection.

When we looked at the wound, we feel the pain. Even a slight cut on our finger, we can feel the tremendous pain. However, we respect for Little Black strong courage as he never cry even though in such a pain. What we can do to relieve his suffering is continuously to feed him well, with medicine and most important our loving kindness for him. We do our best to provide a clean and comfortable environment for him to recover fast.

One small incident happened yesterday, Little Black is quarantine at home to avoid any infection and also to avoid him to spread  fungal infection to other cats through cat fighting or any open wound in other beings including us. However, He sneaked out as my lovely father not closing the sliding glass door properly. He was so smart as he know how to open it. One of the reason for him to sneak out was to rescue his lovely sister, Miss Mimi as she was being attacked and chased by other cat in our garden. As a big brother, even though he was in pain, he did his best to  chase away the cat who bullied his little sister. His action really touched our heart.

My father was too worried that Little Black might injure himself and got worsen, so he tried to stop Little Black and carried him home. However, Little Black was too angry and he accidentally scratched my father’s lip. We believed Little Black might think “I wanted to protect my younger sister,  Why are you carried me home?” Of course, We brought our father to visit Dr and he was under medication and injection to avoid any infection.

All this incident deepen our understanding on impermanence of life. It’s hard for you to predict what will happen in next second, as such live well at present moment and not to worry about future. Besides, like the teaching of Master Sheng Yen, “Do not be corrupted by worldly vexations that surround one like dust, do not be deterred by a path beset with difficulties.”

Be strong and apply all teaching you learned to your life!









12 responses to “Be strong…

  1. Yes our cats are precious. My sister’s cat has been very sick with his heart not functioning well. Vet says he will live only about 4-6 more months even with medicine. We’ve been caring for him very attentively for the last 2 weeks, not knowing how much longer it will be. At least he’s eating well again now. He has such a loving heart and adores my sister. He has taken it all in his stride and still purrs with happiness….a good teaching for us all. Hope your kitty recovers soon.

    • Thank you very much for your sharing. It’s great to hear that you and your sister are celebrating best moment of life with your lovely cat. Cats are precious! Let’s do our best to love them more… Cheers!

  2. Poor Little Black. He has been through to far too many health problems for a young kitty like him. He deserves fully and permanent recovery. My thoughts are with him.

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