hairy melon…

I am amazed with the spirit of the seed of hairy melon which growth well even after 8 months in the soil, it shown a strong surviving spirit, to wait until all the cause & conditions are ripen.

It gave a great reminder that whatever action through our body, speech and mind, we are responsible for the effect once all conditions are ripen.

Our action is similar to energy, energy can’t be destroy or create.

Some of us, love to ask question, “Why can’t I do bad deeds? Why can’t I do whatever I want?”, One of my teacher given a profound answer, “As long as you are ready and happily to accept any effect or consequences happen to you. Then, you can do whatever you want.”

Think about it, how many of us can accept challenges or difficulties of our life with open heart? Why not be mindful on our action? Why not to ensure our mind is full of good thoughts?

Another lesson that I learned from hairy melon plant, it bear the little hairy melon …

To our surprise, we discovered the little hairy melon..

How lovely is the little hairy melon!

It make me to contemplate about our true nature, the seed of hairy melon will bear the hairy melon.
There is impossible for the seed of hairy melon to bear water melon.

Another great example for us to think about it…
We can get gold only from the stone which consist of gold…
We can get diamond from the stone which consist of diamond…
Imagine, if there is nothing in the stone, what can you get from the stone?
Only stone!

Why not take time to nurture the good seeds within you? You are equipped with all good qualities!

Keep nurture the seed of loving kindness, compassion, honesty, generous, patience, peace, humble, responsible… Allow it to blossom and bear fruit within yourself.

“The heart is like a garden, it can grow compassion or fear, resentment or love. What seeds will you plant there?”

By Buddha




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