beautiful basket…

Some of you, you might know some of your friend, they can’t stay for long in a job, the most frequent complain are

Too much work…

Not worth it..

I’ve learned everything…

No career path…

Nothing to learn..

Too low pay…

Long working hour..

Some rather quit their job, stay at home, do noting and depend on their parent to support their daily life.

What a wastage of time in life which we can use our knowledge and good physical to contribute to society instead of just spend time to do nothing and sit at home, depend on the support from parent.

How beautiful is the basket!

How beautiful is the basket!

Do you know who is making the beautiful basket?

Do you know what material is this?

It’s all made from old magazine and all hand-made by mentally handicapped children…

It’s so motivating! It’s really great for us to learn…

Don’t waste your time, Let’s be a person who can contribute to society! Make full use of our body and also knowledge.

“It’s not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute… that gives meaning of our lives.”

By Anthony Robbins

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