Spiritual friend…

Normally, what type of topic do you chat with your friends?

About household? Family? Gossip? Shopping? Entertainment? Children? New eating place?office work? Office gossip? Talk bad about others? travel? Latest fashion trend? Property? Investment? To show off your wealth? To make comparison?

After the gathering, do you feel very happy and positive?

Or totally opposite, you feel very stress out, tired and also negative?

How often do you talk something positive, like spiritual practice, charity work, offering help to others?

In life, we might meet up with so many type of friends, some might lead us to the path of awakening, and some might also lead us to do more unwholesome act, more attachment to greed, ignorant and delusion …..

However, it’s all depend on you how to transform the environment.

We must be gratitude  and also treasure to those friends who are with us in heading the path of awakening, ” Same vow same path”, It’s so precious…

For other category of friends, we must do our best to advise, to share on the importance to follow the spiritual path.

New spiritual friend…. Little Black, the little kitten..

New spiritual friend…. Little Black, the little kitten..The dharma kitten!

Whenever we listen to the dharma teaching, Little Black also joined in… How blessed!

Human beings are of such nature that they should have not only material facilities but spiritual sustenance as well. Without spiritual sustenance, it is difficult to get and maintain peace of mind.

By Dalai Lama


7 responses to “Spiritual friend…

  1. Maybe another message will be based on what we discuss with our pets. The cat in the picture, the lap rabbit my wife’s enjoyed, the dog during the evening walk. Or even, on another scale, the things I told the seals at the National Aquarium in Baltimore on those lonely nights. The seemingly understanding connection we feel with them and the fact they’re not going to offer shallow advice or be judgmental.
    All the same, you’re right about our need for conversations with those who can engage in spiritual encouragement and nurture. Oh, how I’ve been blessed in that regard!

  2. I ran into a friend the other day as we were passing each other in a hallway. We stood for only about five minutes together but we had a conversation, standing there with our coats on, that touched both our souls deeply. It was a lovely bit of unexpected spiritual sustenance from a spirit friend.

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