Have you ever plant any tree?

Do you notice how long it take before the tree grow higher and bigger?

How much effort we need to put in?

How do you feel when you see this photo?

It’s so simple for us to CHOP A TREE compare to its growing process.

The benefits of Trees:

1. Provide Oxygen and absorb Co2.

The main reason for  Climate change is caused by too much Co2, produced by in the name of “DEVELOPMENT”. Our collective exhaling is exceeding the earth’s capacity…… Every 5.5 second, a football field size of rainforest being cleared in order to satisfy our meat-eating HABIT.

2. Shade

Tree provides shade to us, so we do not expose to direct sunlight.

3. Cooling effect

You can experience this when you are in forest…. Fresh air and cooling. If we are able to plant more trees in our garden, community,  we are able to reduce the heat island effect.

I love to do forest walk, I feel very much peace and serenity when I am surrounded by trees. How about you? According to a survey that Hospital patients have been shown to recover from surgery more quickly when their hospital room offered a view of trees.

I always share with my friends that if we don’t give any contribution to the environment, we are worst than a tree…. WHY?

From the day we born, how much resources we’ve used from our mother of earth?

How much rubbish we’ve generated daily?

What is our contribution to mother of earth?

Are we working towards to leave behind a GREEN environment of next generation?

Are we using the earth’s resources to satisfy our need or DESIRES?

I would like to appeal to you to think twice before you make a decision to chop any tree……

Ask yourself? Is it benefit to “YOU” or “US”?

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