Be Mindfulness!

When you go for a class, are you looking for a fixed seating? e.g. Dharma Class.

When you are at home, are you always seating at a fixed sofa?

When you go to a restaurant, are you also looking for your fixed seating?

Pay attention to your daily life. If you are look for a FIXED seating, you might not be mindfulness as you’ll treat everything as a routine in life. You get so use to it!

From my personal experience, My sis and I went for a dharma class. The 1st row was empty, and the volunteers asked us to move up to 1st row.

Once we’ve seated, the volunteer apologized and requested us to move to the 3rd & 4th seat in the 1st row as 2 of the  devotees would like to sit at 1st & 2nd seat in the 1st row. To them, to be sitting at 1st & 2nd seat at the 1st row is a habit and they just wanted the same. They treated the seat as their “BELONGING” without their realization.

It was a shock and a great lessons to me…..It reminded us to be mindfulness in our daily life.

Do not treat all stuffs in life as a routine or a habit!

You are going to miss out the moment of “NOW”.

Can you see the Grasshopper in the mint?

If you treat the garden walk as a routine in your life, you are unable to appreciate the beauty of nature!

The tiny lady bird…. How beautiful!

Another type of lady bird….. Be mindfulness in every moment of life! Live at NOW!


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