Beautiful Ripe Organic tomatoes!

I love to visit my garden, my HAPPY moment.

It’s really fantastic to see the growing process of plant & vegetables.

There act as “our teacher” to remind me on

“Impermanence of life” (无常),

“Birth, old, Sick, Dead” (生,老,病,死),

“Live at  NOW”, (活在当下),


Be mindful & many more.

The beautiful photos on the Ripe tomatoes.

We are using organic farming, no pesticides, no chemical.. only compost.

This little tomato plant can cheer up our life!

I am smiling!

I am sure you are smiling when you are looking at the beautiful photos. Right?

Let’s start to do some ORGANIC gardening. It’s good for you , me, US, all living creatures and most important to protect our precious MOTHER OF EARTH. 

There is only one EARTH, do our very best to PRESERVE it.

Remember we are only borrow the right from the future generation, we don’t own it.

Please leave behind a Good Environment for our future generation!

The 1st Ripe tomato in my garden….

Am I beautiful?

We are going to ripe soon… hehe!

2nd Ripe tomato in Garden… Beautiful orange color! Very refreshing!

One happy family! Please try on the organic gardening!

4 responses to “Beautiful Ripe Organic tomatoes!

  1. hi LJ, congrats.

    I tried to plant them in a pot but didn’t bear fruit…
    wasn’t successful first attempt but will try again soon.
    maybe cherry tomatoes…:)

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