A cow tied with a short string!

No freedom at all!


When I looked at the cow, I am really compassion on his situation, the string was too short, can’t move around.

No FREEDOM AT ALL.  Suffering in life.(苦)

Our life is similar to this little cow, we are being tie with “Invisible string”.



Clothes (衣):

I want “NEW… NEW… NEW…Clothes even though the wardrobe is full… never ending shopping.

Food (食):

I want “More..more…more delicious food even though already FULL.

Accommodation (住):

I want “Big, Bigger, Biggest…. House even though you have a comfortable home.

Transportation (行):

I want ” Luxury, Luxurious car……. even though you have a car for transport.

Never ending change to NEW car….

If we keep on emphasize on “I WANT”, we are just like the little cow being tied with a string.

GREED” will tie us for life, we are not going to have any peaceful moment as we will continue our pursue.

I still can recall on His Holiness Karmapa’s teaching during my recent Bodhgaya trip, he mentioned thatIf we are attached to worldly thing too much, we’ll be the SLAVE of worldly thing.

Tell yourself: I AM CONTENDED, then you’ll be the FOUNTAIN OF JOY. 知足常乐!

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