Polling day!

Today is the polling day for Malaysia, general election 15 (GE15).

It’s really important to exercise our right to vote.

If we don’t vote and there is meaningless to complain on the government policy later.

When people mentioned that they don’t need to vote as their preference party will win.

Imagine, if everyone think and act the same, fact is another party will win.

As such, every vote is important.

We are so touched when look at overseas voters return home from all over the world to vote to exercise their right as citizens. Many Malaysians are back to hometown to vote, they stuck in heavy traffic jam without any complain. Besides, the challenging journey for vote by post to reach to poll centre with the help and support of many volunteers. A big Thank you to everyone!

Bravo to all Malaysians who love this beautiful country dearly!

Together, let’s vote for a better tomorrow.


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