Heart Touching…

We are treating our cat friends like our family members. We love and respect them as sentient beings.

We talk to them and believe they can understand us even we are using different language. Nothing can block our vibration of LOVE.

My sister asked our cat friends to welcome me, back from work in the evening.

Heart melted with love!!!

I saw our two beautiful friends, Hitam and Shio were actually waited for long time to welcome me.

It touched and warm my heart, totally washed away “tiredness” in a day.

Thank you for my beautiful friends for shining “unconditional love” and “Positive vibes”

Please treat all animal friends as “sentient beings”.

We are Not more superior than them.

We don’t have any “RIGHT” to harm their life.

Remember that They are not BELONG to us.

Respect, love them dearly, share this beautiful earth and live with them harmony and happily.

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