Positive energies…

When you are helping others without expecting any return, how do you feel?

The helping hand is so genuine and from our heart.

Almost fully recovered

Recently, we rescued a ginger stray with severe eyes injured. We brought him to Vet and went through eyes operation. Of course, we neutered him too.

We are keeping him at home inside a cage for about 3 weeks plus. He is showing sign of recovery from total silent (perhaps too painful) until he can “Meow” us so loudly.

This is one of the “happy” moment which we are able to stop his suffering and giving a chance for him to live longer and happier.

Whenever we think about this, it will “Warm” our heart and giving positive energies for us to continue to shine unconditional loving kindness to all living beings.

Always ready to offer your helping hand.

You can always make a different in other’s life.

Do It.

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