Nice coffee with nice drawing! Happy day!

When people serve you a coffee, superb delicious and with the nice decoration like in the photo.

How do you feel?

So happy & Satisfied!

If the situation changed, the coffee taste horrible?

How do you react?

Frustration, anger, unhappy, unsatisfied, complain…….. RIGHT?

Our emotional change so fast. WHY?


Try to think of “Gratitude” in life, no matter how tasteless of the drink, you’ll accept it with grateful heart & no complain.

Imagine the process of making a coffee:

1. Coffee bean

2. Boiled water with right temperature

3. Clean the cup

4. Prepare ingredient: Sugar, milk…..

5. Coffee maker

6. Electricity

7. Plantation of coffee bean, the hard work of farmer, transportation…

8. Purified water

9. Others…

When we think of other’s sacrifice & effort in order for us to drink the coffee. We are able to transform our frustration to happiness.

We are OK to accept the bad taste of food/ drink with a heart full of gratitude.

Today, I attended a dharma teaching on “Gratitude”.

“Every moment of our life, we are experiencing kindness or benefits from others.”

By Venerable S. Pemaratana

Beautiful fact!

He is asking us to ask ourself on 3 questions:

1. What I received from others? e.g. Mother, father, friends, nature, world…..

2. What I’ve given in return?

3. What trouble & difficulties that I caused to other person?

You can meditate with this 3 questions or you can just sit quietly to think about it.

Then, you’ll discover that We received more from the world rather than give.

Let’s be gratitude to whatever we have. Don’t use the thinking method of “its suppose”

Nothing is suppose, it’s all from the contribution of others.

Gratitude can transform suffering to happiness.

Have a gratitude day!

11 responses to “Gratitude

  1. Did you take this photo? Awesome if so.

    If my coffee could be like this each morning, it would be a great reminder. As an alternative your blog posts are always a great reminder.

  2. I’d love to be served a coffee like that in France, but I will think of you and try and be grateful when they serve me with a little black cafe normal.

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