It’s all ok!!!

“Life is impermanence.”

We heard this sentence more than a thousand times. However, we might not able to understand the true meaning of “impermanent” until you experience it.

It’s so easy to say and a challenge to practice.

You need to live here and now, accept whatever happens in life with open heart.

“It’s all ok, everything is ok!!!

Embrace impermanence!!!

It’s so easy to get through things happen out of expectation with this simple practice.

There is less resistance to welcome new things and reduce unnecessary “drama” or “non-stop radio” in mind.

You can come out with solutions from heart, effortlessly and make the right decisions.

Take a try when you are facing any challenges in life.

Meaningless to start blaming-yourself or others.

Accept it, settle and move on your life.

Nothing will impact you- good or bad.


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