Happy hiking again…

I started my first hiking after so long, more than a few years.

I had my sciatica early this year, so glad it almost heal and I can start my nature exploration again.


There are so many beautiful lessons from nature.

1.Start small and go slow

I started my small steps and go slow in my hiking, no rush no hurries. Rest when you need and chew your water before you feel thirsty. Just be in total relaxation.

No fear about “am I facing any challenges”. Keep walking in present moment. Totally be in present moment.

2. Appreciate everything like the first time you see….

I see beauty in everything… First time to see beautiful sun ray, green nature, trees, plants, grass, tiny flowers, stone, soil…..

3. Be happy…

When you are looking down from the peak, everything seems so small. What else are disturbing your peacefulness? What else are stopping your happiness? What else you can’t let go?

Be happy all the time, YOU DESERVED!!!


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