Live harmony…

When my sister was away for business trip, away for 7 days. This was a “Big new” to our cat friends especially 2 ginger cats, they love her dearly, accompanied and followed her during pandemic.

Wang Wang boy will wait for her and slept at car porch during afternoon nap. Everyday, he called her loudly at her bedroom. We can tell, Wang Wang boy missed and love my sister dearly.

Shu, another ginger cat, my sister rescued and adopted during pandemic. This was his first time to separate for a long period with my sister. He waited for her at balcony, every night until 10 pm. He were home when I called him in.

Wang Wang boy, very sweet boy!

This is a good reminder to us.

LOVE is the universal language.

Let’s live harmony with all living beings, do our best to offer help and shine loving kindness.

“Our Prime Purpose in this life is to help others and if you can’t help them,

At least don’t hurt them.”

by Dalai Lama

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