Spike up in cost of living…

Cost of living is increasing rapidly for the past few months. This is the impact from the WAR.

Example from my personal grocery experience, 2 pieces of organic beancurd (tofu), from RM 3.10 (Before pandemic) to RM 4.10.

How can we live well now?

  1. Purchase whatever you need and not your want.
  2. Give priority to buy our basic necessity- Food, not “Junk food”.
  3. Reduce spending, for example: Leisure- back to nature (you don’t need to spend money).
  4. Live a simple and healthy life.
  5. Be gratitude for what you have.

Live a simple life and give whatever you “SAVE” from your leisure spending or personal “Indulge” to help needy people and animal friends. They are badly affected. Don’t CUT your Loving kindness.

Live simple and buy whatever we need!!!

Let’s help each other to go through this challenging time TOGETHER!

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