Gratitude to sickness…

We might understand about “impermanent of life”. Everything is full of changes. Keep changing is the Truth.

However, when something happen to bring “inconvenience” in our life, are you able to embrace as “Impermanent” and accept it with open heart without blaming on “luck” or “others”?

I had “Sciatica” pain about 3 weeks ago. It was the “nerve pain” from our back bone (L4, L5), buttock and up to toe. I felt tremendous pain when my leg touched to ground, stand up, walking and others, not able to squat, kneel down, running and others.

I accepted the pain with open heart instead of asking “why me?”. My body was in pain but my mind was not. I hope others will never experience such a painful experience.

I got a recommendation from my friend to consult Chinese Orthopedic. Grateful to Dr, after 3 sessions of treatment (3 weeks) plus continuous exercise, I am almost heal.

Be gratitude for good or bad things happens in life. Definitely, we can learn something from it.

Gratitude to sickness to give a great wake up call to be mindful on posture whether sitting, sleeping, standing and others. Everything happens for a reason.

2 responses to “Gratitude to sickness…

  1. That happened to me 12 years ago. I had much difficulty just walking to the bathroom. I remember using a camera tripod as a cane. I am glad you are feeling better.

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