Tiniest of progress…

I always remembered the teaching from my yoga teacher, she shared with me, “Try your best to stretch and do it daily, imagine if you are improving slightly per day. What is the long term IMPACT?” How profound!

Most important,be persistent in what you are doing. Practice makes PERFECT!!!

You might not see short term result, and you decided to quit. In fact, you might be just a few inches from your success.

Be diligent, keep doing and practicing.

A NEW you…

Definitely, you can see a “NEW” you.

2 responses to “Tiniest of progress…

  1. i so get this. i took a yoga course, having never done it before and when i looked around most people appeared to be better at it than i was. my teacher pointed out that we are all in different places in our journey and that even if i go one inch further each time, i am making progress. no one is better than the other, some just have had more. practice. i’ve never forgotten it.

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