big and small stones…

Do you aware that you are always carry more than 100 small stones and a few BIG stones with you?

There are “thoughts” in our mind, seems like “non-stop talking radio”. You might not realize in your daily life as you are always in rush and busy. However, once you sit quiet, just observe your mind. Thoughts will arisen and cease. Imagine if thoughts are small stones, how heavy is our mind to carry many stones all the time.

Besides, if you are being disturbed by “issues”, it’ll act like a big stone which pressure you until you can’t breathe, can’t sleep and can’t eat.

Back to now, your breathing.

Only you can remove all stones.

Be aware that all this are your thought. Aware and let it go!!! Don’t bring it to further pressure and frighten you.

You can drop off all your small and big stones. The right is yours.

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