Are you take your words seriously?

Are you honor your promise?

Are you take your words seriously?

Just open our mouth and start talking about our plan, is easier than we need to take responsibility to execute and implement on what we are saying.

Take action and not keep promising.

Simple example, when we are working in a team, all players are equally important. If a person not able to deliver their task as per promised, there is impossible to meet timeline for the said project. No mentioning to achieve KPI.

People might be simply saying, “Let’s me treat you a cup of coffee next time.” but they never take this promise seriously. Whatever we are saying, we must honor and do it.

If we can’t execute or implement, please don’t give any promise.

Walk the Talk, not talk the walk!

We need a very long period of time to build trust and we can just destroy it by giving “empty promises”.

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