Kind action…

My sister was started to feed Siao, the timid stray ginger cat in our neighborhood since last year.

Siao was so shy & fearful of human and always hide underneath a car.

He’ll run away after we walked nearby to the car.

Almost all cats in our neighborhood love to bully him as he was so timid and shy. He is not a fighter cat.

Mid of this year, he had a very severe eye infection due to cat fight (Being bullied), almost blind.

He was disappeared for a while, perhaps too painful.

Luckily, he came to look for us, we were able to trap him and brought him to visit Vet.

He had an eye surgery and neutered. We put him in a cage and took care of him for more than a month until he was fully recovered before release him in neighborhood.

My sister took a very long time to build trust and bonding with Siao.

Total transformation from Siao. always give your helping hand!

We can see positive transformation on Siao, obviously his size.

He is more brave, confident, happier and not so “Fearful” on human.

Simple kind action from us will transform the life of stray animals.

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