So touching…

Our rescued kitten is very closed with my mum. He’ll follow my mum whenever she goes like a little bodyguard.

When my mum was cleaning car porch, he was there to play water like swimming pool. Spending his happy childhood time.

When my mum is walking upstairs, he’ll follow at the back.

When my mum is eating, he’ll sit beside her and share her food. Happy moment!!!

We are so touching to see how close is their relationship.

Shu is practicing filial piety to my mum.

To Shu, the little kitten, he is treating my mum like his mum, He is gratitude to my mum for rescued and give him a home with love, no hunger and thirst.

To my mum, she is treating the kitten like her super playful grandson.

We treat Shu as our family members.

No barriers in shinning loving kindness!

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