To give what other’s need…

There is no rain for 13 days at our area. We can see the impact, fallen down of leaves, grass and small plants are turning to yellow and dying, soil are so dry and dusty.

Water is what the plant needed the most if no rain.

I can feel the “thirst” of plants, what I can do is to water more to keep all plants “alive” and get through the heat.

Think about it, do you feel other’s need?

Do you offer whatever other’s need?

Simple example,

If you see your cats are in hunger, are you offering food?

If you see your friend is sad, are you offering your shoulder to cry on?

If you see your friend is low in confident, are you motivating her?

If you see a stranger need help, are you offering your help?

Some of us, we are not offering what other’s need.

We love to think from our angles, forget to feel and give others what they need.

Be mindful!!!

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