Be mindful…

Someone plucked ALL our home grown organic chilies without asking for permission.

Abundance of organic chilies… before missing.

A good question here, is it what they need or they want?

They might need a few chilies for cooking or eating.

Why they took all chilies?

This definitely related to Greed. They can’t say no in order to satisfy their want.

Sadly, they also forget about honesty and integrity.

We need to be responsible for our action.

No one can escape from cause and effect.

Be mindful.

7 responses to “Be mindful…

  1. I am so sorry. I went through something similar a few years ago with our yucca in our front yard, then we learned that the stalks are edible. If they’d have just asked, we would have gladly given them. But they cut them in the nighttime. A few nights later, they were farther onto our property to the back and they took those too. Please make sure you and your family are safe from those entering your yard!

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