Take without permission..

This morning, when I went to water plants outside car porch. I discovered that more than 40 cute and “Fat” chilies were disappeared and missing.

Obviously, someone plucked all and never ask our permission.

All gone!!!

This is consider as “Stealing” as taking something not belong to you.

There is no anger in my thought. I assume that the person might need chilies desperately in his/her cooking. But this was not a good action and being driven by greed. Plucked all and left nothing behind.

A good reminder, we should ask permission if we would like to get seeds, plants, flowers and etc in other’s garden.

Imagine, if I am planning to cook dishes with chilies, definitely I need to change plan as all chilies are gone.

Always ask yourself, “Am I bring happiness or suffering to others?”

One response to “Take without permission..

  1. yes if you steal plants. but what if you steal a musical note and produce a melody which is unsurpassible. do visit my post the magic of raga music. i would appreciate your wise comments after you go through it and experience what it is to omit a note in music.

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